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2018-2022 Photo Packages

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Photo Package

Photo coverage includes 30+ high-quality photos of your lifting.

Delivery: All media packages are sent digitally to your e-mail address via a Google Drive link. This can take up to four weeks or so, but we aim to deliver your content in 1-2 weeks.

Rush delivery: Guaranteed 48 hours or sooner delivery from when you order, or from the end of the competition. If we miss the time frame, you'll receive your £10 back and be at the front of the queue.


Here you can order photo packages from competitions in 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021.

Photo packages from previous years have a fixed price of £99.99 for all events to account for the cost of long term data storage. 

Once you place an order, you'll receive a link to a digital form in your confirmation email, in which you can indicate which event you're ordering from, as well as other information to help identify you.

Find below a list of all 2018-2022 competitions we still hold photos from:

2018 Events

2018 South Midlands Open Championship (27-28th January)

2018 East Midland Women's Championship (4th February)

2018 Oxford vs Cambridge Varsity (11th February)

2018 British Bench Press (18th February)

2018 South East Astor Winter Divisional (18th March)

2018 British University Men's Championships (24-25th March)

2018 British University Women's Championships (31st March - 1st April)

2018 West Midlands Masters & Juniors Qualifier (15th April)

2018 All England (26th & 28th May) 

2018 South East Classic Championships (2-3rd June)

2018 South Midlands Divisional Bitesize (30th June)

2018 South West Wiltshire & Gloucestershire Championships (21st July)

2018 English Inter-Regional Championships (29th July)

2018 British Men's Classic Championships (1-2nd September)

2018 British Junior Women's Classic Championships (22-23rd September)

2018 Arnold Classic Europe

2018 British Junior Men's Classic Championships (13-14th October) 

2018 British Masters Classic Championships (20-21st October)

2018 South Midlands Bitesize #11 (28th October)

2018 World Open (Equipped) Championships (4-8th November)

2018 South East Open Championships (17-18th November)

2018 European Classic Championships (24th November - 2nd December)

2019 Events

2019 British Equipped Championships 19-20th Jan)

2019 South Midlands Bitesize #1 (26th January)

2019 Oxford vs. Cambridge Varsity (10th Feb)

2019 British Classic Bench Press Champs (23-24th Feb)

2019 British Women's Classic Champs (2-3rd March)

2019 British Men's University Champs (23-24th March)

2019 South East Classic Champs (30-31st March)

2019 South West Open Champs (6-7th Apr)

2019 British Women's University Champs (13-14th April)

2019 South Midlands Spring Open (20-21st April)

2019 Women's All England Champs (25-26th May)

2019 IPF World Classic Champs (3-15th June)

2019 South West Wiltshire & Gloucestershire Champs (20th July)

2019 English Inter-Regional Champs (28th July)

2019 A.B.S Pro & Cup (17-18th August)

2019 British Men's Classic Champs (31st Aug - 1st Sept)

2019 NIPF/IrishPF Ulster Regional Champs (14-15th Sept)

2019 Eastern Canadian Championships (13-14th Sept)

2019 Commonwealth Championships (15-21st Sept)

2019 IrishPF Master & Junior Champs (5-6th Oct)

2019 Devon & Cornwall Champs (6th Oct)

2019 South Midlands Bitesize #4 (12th Oct)

2019 British Masters Classic Champs (26-27th Oct)

2019 IrishPF Connacht Regional Champs (2-3rd Nov)

2019 British Junior Classic Champs (30th Oct - 3rd Nov)

2019 Home Nations (23rd Nov)

2019 West Midlands Champs (23-24th Nov)

2019 European Classic Champs (29th Nov - 4th Dec)

2019 South Midlands December Bitesize (7th Dec)

2020 Events

2020 British Equipped Championships (18-19th January)

2020 South Midlands Bitesize #1

2020 South West POWER (26th January)

2020 Irish National Championships (1-2nd February)

2020 British Bench Press Championships (22-23rd February)

2021 Events

2021 British Equipped Championships (26-27th June)

2021 British Masters Championships (24-25th July)

2021 South Midlands Summer Sizzler (17th July)

2021 South East Classic Championships (17-18th July)

2021 Fred Sterry Classic (17th July)

2021 All England Women's Championships (21-22nd August)

2021 West Midlands Divisional (14-15th August)

2021 SuperTraining Summer Showdown (3-4th July)

2021 British Classic Bench Press Championships (7th August)

2021 South East Autumn Divisional (19th September)

2021 IPF World Classic Championships (23rd Sept - 4th Oct)

2021 Welsh Championships (30th October)

2021 IrishPF Masters & Junior Championships (23-24th October)

2021 British Junior Classic  Championships (22-24th October)

2021 British Weightlifting Open (13-14th November)

2021 British Weightlifting Age Groups (27-28th November)

2021 West Midlands Winter Championships (21st November)

2021 South East Open Championships (20-21st November)

2021 North Midlands University Championships (12th December)

2021 SuperTraining Christmas Classic (4-5th December)

2021 European Classic Championships (3-12th December)

2022 Events

2022 British Equipped Champs (22-23rd Jan)

2022 British Weightlifting Champs (29-30th Jan)

2022 British Bench Press Champs (19th Feb)

2022 Super Training Uni Qualifier (5-6th Feb)

2022 Oxford vs. Cambridge Varsity (13th Feb)

2022 British Men's Champs (12-13th March)

2022 British Women's Champs (19-20th March)

2022 South West Power (27th March)

2022 South East Classic (9-10th April)

2022 British University Champs (2-5th April)

2022 Weightlifting BUCS (12-13th April)

2022 English Age Groups (30th Apr-1st May)

2022 Canadian Nationals (9-14th May)

2022 All England Champs (28-30th May)

2022 West Midlands Spring Open (24th April)

2022 British Junior Champs  (12-15th May)

2022 IPF World Bench Press (21st-29th May)

2022 IPF Worlds (6-11th June)

2022 British Masters Champs (18-19th June)

2022 A7 x FitXpo

2022 North Midlands Fred Sterry (24th July)

2022 Inter-Regional Champs (13th Aug)

2022 IPF World Juniors (27th Aug - 4th Sept)

2022 Welsh Autumn Cup (3rd Sept)

2022 Arnold Classic UK (23-25th Sept)

2022 IPF World Masters (8-15th Oct)

2022 South East Open Championships (29-30th Oct)

2022 IPF World Equipped (14th Nov - 19th Nov)

2022 South Midlands University Championships (26th Nov)

2022 European Championships (25th Nov - 4th Dec)

2022 Elite Body Works Christmas Classic (11th Dec)