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World Classic & Equipped Bench Press Championship (21st May - 1st June)

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Photo Package

Photo coverage includes 30+ high-quality photos of you lifting and in warm up room. 

Single-Lift Premium Video

Fully edited, montage-style video of your heaviest bench of the day in a 30-60s video. 

Raw Photos

All raw, un-edited photos of you. Usually around 50+ images, in raw file format. Only suitable for creators with experience in photo editing software. Guaranteed 4 days or sooner delivery after the event ends.

Raw Video Footage

All raw, unedited HD video footage we capture of you (tripod and handheld camera footage). Great for creating TikToks/IG reels. Guaranteed 4 days or sooner delivery after the event ends.

Full Services

Bundle including the photo package, single-lift premium video, and heaviest bench attempt on static video. Delivery guaranteed within 15 days of the competition ending or sooner.

Coaching Photo Package (Pre-Order Only)

Suitable for coaches/handlers/officials who are at the event over multiple days. Photo coverage includes 30+ photos of you with No Watermark. This product is available for PRE-ORDER ONLY. If ordering this product, please reply to the confirmation email with a list of days/sessions worked or which lifter(s) you handled/coached.

VIP Package

This bundle includes:

- An edited Photo Package (5-day post-event delivery + receive 10 photos same day)

- A Three-Lift Premium Video (5-day post-event delivery)

- Raw Photos (same-day delivery)

- Raw Video Footage (same-day delivery)

- Static videos of all 3 attempts

- No watermark on any products


Delivery: All media packages are sent digitally to your e-mail address via a Google Drive link. This can take up to four weeks or so, but we aim to deliver your content in 1-2 weeks.

Note: After placing your order, you'll receive a link to a form in your confirmation email. Please fill out all relevant information to help us identify you in the photos and videos, and specify any music you'd like in your premium video.