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We can provide a range of livestream services for all events depending on your needs and budget.

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  1. How much does livestreaming cost?
    This is entirely dependent on many factors including the size of the competitions, location of the competition and number of platforms covered! Please reach out for a custom quote.
  2. Do you have any requirements for the meet organisers in order to stream an event?
    We need 10 mbps upload speed wired internet speed per platform, and a wired internet source maximum 150 feet from livestream hub/area. We bring our own cellular bonding internet system as backup to cover cut outs, but 10 mbps is what is needed for a reliable 1080p stream on each platform. 

    We also need tables for setting up streaming equipment and a power source. We require time to set up the stream; ideally setting up the evening before competition begins, so access to the venue at this time is necessary.

    LiftingCast (or similar) should be set up and ready for stream/integration 1.5 hours before lifting each day.