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2021 - 2023 Photo Packages

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Photo Package

Photo coverage includes 30+ high-quality photos of your lifting.

Delivery: All media packages are sent digitally to your e-mail address via a Google Drive link. This can take up to four weeks or so, but we aim to deliver your content in 1-2 weeks.

Rush delivery: Guaranteed 48 hours or sooner delivery from when you order, or from the end of the competition. If we miss the time frame, you'll receive your £10 back and be at the front of the queue.


Here you can order photo packages from competitions in 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021.

Photo packages from previous years have a fixed price of £99.99 for all events to account for the cost of long term data storage. 

Once you place an order, you'll receive a link to a digital form in your confirmation email, in which you can indicate which event you're ordering from, as well as other information to help identify you.

Find below a list of all 2021-2023 competitions we still hold photos from:


2021 Events

2021 British Equipped Championships (26-27th June)

2021 British Masters Championships (24-25th July)

2021 South Midlands Summer Sizzler (17th July)

2021 South East Classic Championships (17-18th July)

2021 Fred Sterry Classic (17th July)

2021 All England Women's Championships (21-22nd August)

2021 West Midlands Divisional (14-15th August)

2021 SuperTraining Summer Showdown (3-4th July)

2021 British Classic Bench Press Championships (7th August)

2021 South East Autumn Divisional (19th September)

2021 IPF World Classic Championships (23rd Sept - 4th Oct)

2021 Welsh Championships (30th October)

2021 IrishPF Masters & Junior Championships (23-24th October)

2021 British Junior Classic  Championships (22-24th October)

2021 British Weightlifting Open (13-14th November)

2021 British Weightlifting Age Groups (27-28th November)

2021 West Midlands Winter Championships (21st November)

2021 South East Open Championships (20-21st November)

2021 North Midlands University Championships (12th December)

2021 SuperTraining Christmas Classic (4-5th December)

2021 European Classic Championships (3-12th December)

2022 Events

2022 British Equipped Champs (22-23rd Jan)

2022 British Weightlifting Champs (29-30th Jan)

2022 British Bench Press Champs (19th Feb)

2022 Super Training Uni Qualifier (5-6th Feb)

2022 Oxford vs. Cambridge Varsity (13th Feb)

2022 British Men's Champs (12-13th March)

2022 British Women's Champs (19-20th March)

2022 South West Power (27th March)

2022 South East Classic (9-10th April)

2022 British University Champs (2-5th April)

2022 Weightlifting BUCS (12-13th April)

2022 English Age Groups (30th Apr-1st May)

2022 Canadian Nationals (9-14th May)

2022 All England Champs (28-30th May)

2022 West Midlands Spring Open (24th April)

2022 British Junior Champs  (12-15th May)

2022 IPF World Bench Press (21st-29th May)

2022 IPF Worlds (6-11th June)

2022 British Masters Champs (18-19th June)

2022 A7 x FitXpo

2022 North Midlands Fred Sterry (24th July)

2022 Inter-Regional Champs (13th Aug)

2022 IPF World Juniors (27th Aug - 4th Sept)

2022 Welsh Autumn Cup (3rd Sept)

2022 Arnold Classic UK (23-25th Sept)

2022 IPF World Masters (8-15th Oct)

2022 South East Open Championships (29-30th Oct)

2022 IPF World Equipped (14th Nov - 19th Nov)

2022 South Midlands University Championships (26th Nov)

2022 European Championships (25th Nov - 4th Dec)

2022 Elite Body Works Christmas Classic (11th Dec)

2023 Events

2023 British Bench Press Champs (4 - 5th March)

2023 British Equipped Champs (25 - 26th Feb)

2023 British Open Classic Champs (16 - 19th March)

2023 British University Champs (1 - 5th April)

2023 British Junior Champs (26-30th April)

Welsh Championships (20th May)

British Masters Classic Championships (3rd-4th June)

2023 USAPL Collegiate Nationals (13 - 16th April)

2023 IPF World Classic Open Championships (11th-17th June)

Wiltshire & Gloucestershire Championships (8th July)

Super Training Summer Showdown (15th-16th July)

Welsh Summer Cup (29th July 2023)

SBD Manchester Open (10 - 13th August)

South East Late Sumer Divisional (3rd September)

IPF World Classic & Equipped Sub-Junior & Junior Powerlifting Championships (24th August - 3rd September)

2023 USAPL Raw Nationals (14 - 17th September)

Welsh Autumn Cup (7th October)